Are search engines reading our minds?

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Has it ever happened to you that you were about to Google something and before you finished the sentence it was automatically completed? It seems like search engines can read our minds, they know exactly what we want to search. But it’s not magic… there’s something called algorithm.

When you do a search on Google, the first results you see will be advertisements. It is very important for companies to be on top. The first page gets 91.1% of the traffic (potential clients). The placement on that page is also important.

Matt Cutts explains how searching on Google works, he is an engineer in the Quality group at Google.
Matt says that when we do a Google search, we aren’t searching the whole web, we are searching Google’s index of the web.
If I want to know why cats always land on their feet, I type “why do cats always” and the sentence will be auto-completed. Because many people have searched that sentence, it means it’s something society is curious about this topic.

Sometimes it happens that you were looking for a product on e-bay and then you see advertisement about that same product on Facebook.
This is why it is very important for entrepreneur that you install as many apps as you can. Because you’ll see a lot of ads and that eventually will make you buy more and more.
Algorithms also make websites be more “customized” for you. So if you’re a 21 year old girl you probably won’t see advertisements for little kids or old men.

A professor of mine once told us that if Google could, they would give phones with Android for free. The longer you stay on-line, the better.

Ad-blockers are a problem for companies which pay to be advertised on the internet. Ad-blockers filter and block ads on Google Chrome,  Firefox, Opera, etc. People can download them for free.


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