5 Tips to sing better on Smule!

Find a song that has a special meaning for you. We all have a favorite song with which we love and that should be the first song you sing on Smule. Not only because you know the tone and the letter of memory but because you enjoy it every time you listen to it and you will feel more confident singing it. Don’t focus so much on your voice. If…

Are you technology-dependent?


Are search engines reading our minds?

Has it ever happened to you that you were about to Google something and before you finished the sentence it was automatically completed? It seems like search engines can read our minds, they know exactly what we want to search. But it’s not magic… there’s something called algorithm. When you do a search on Google, the first results you see will be advertisements. It is very important for companies to…

Smule, the music app, raises $54 million from Tencent to expand into Asia

The Asian giant keeps expanding its tentacles into new markets Social media music startup Smule has raised 54 million dollars in a funding round led by Chinese technology giant Tencent Holdings Ltd., which recently acquired 5% of Tesla. With this new capital influx, the startup aims to boost international growth. The agreement will help Smule, headquartered in San Francisco, to expand into Asia, and thanks to Tencent’s thrust, pave the…

Smule for PC: The best app for karaoke fans

What is it? Smule pc is a music app for karaoke fans. If you’re not familiar with the new musical platforms, we recommend Smule, because it offers you the possibility to sing your favorite songs as if you were in a virtual studio. How does it work? By being a musical platform Smule offers you the same functionalities as a karaoke but with with additional features that you’ll love. You…


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